Wednesday, February 18, 2009

liveing in a winter wonderland

Yesterday we had one heck of a snowstorm lasting all day and leaving us with around a foot of snow. heavy white mounds covering the landscape.

It was beautiful to watch the changing variaty of flakes, from HUGE monster ones to teeny tiny ones that almost cause a white out they are so thick.

Snow plows trying to keep up with no luck, the road just gets covered again befor their next pass. Jerry trying to get out of the driveway this morning tore the Airdam off the truck getting thru the snow mounds left by the snow plow. OOPS!

All the bushes in the back yard are bent over with the heavy snow, creating snow tunnels that the dog loves to run thru, getting covered with snow.

There have been Deer in the area as I have seen the evidence (droppings and Tracks).

but I have not seen them myself, very elusive creatures in the city.

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  1. I love this post!!! Its happy! It shows the world from your point of view at that moment. I love to read positive things that make me smile. The beauty seen in all the snow and the way the animals(wild and pet)react to it, is an awsome thing that not everyone notices or even gets to expirience. Keep up this format, and I think your blog will be very good.