Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring < Just kidding

Well we had a great outting with the frends, lots of fun people to be with.
soaked, swam, had steak dinner, and a sleep over. You would think we were in our second child hood. Talked till late night, and slept till 8 am. Had coffee there and then went to Tremonton for Breakfast. All in all a great time.

It seems that spring was just kidding us. It left and winter returned.It snowed another 6 inches and has been cold and windy all week.
We had got the motorcycle out durring the false spring and went what we call around the block. Up Box Elder canyon through Cache Valley, and back home through Honneyville. just going around the mountain is about 50 miles, a nice little ride.

The bike has been parked in front of the house under it's cover ever since, it looks real sad covered with piles of snow.
hopefully it can come out again soon, I really would like to have mor spring befor the hot weather gets here.

I was going to go to physical therapy In Logan for Pool therapy, but we found out yesterday durring my first visit that the insurance won't help pay , so I don't think we will be able to aford it.
We have NO CLUE when or if Jerry will get any more of his Retirement money from Flying J,
since they filed for bankrupcy, all of the Company assets are frozen. we hav very little in saveings, and it will be running out soon.
Jerry and I are geeing very worried about what we are going to do.

I have been making some very cute flannel Baby blankets, if I could find a place to sell them I could suppliment our income.
I will try to take a photo of some and put it on my next addition to this Blog.

Oh well enough of that.