Thursday, March 19, 2009

SPRING (finally)

Well I think SPRING if finally trying to break through winters strong hold.
I got the gardening bug yesterday. and actually planted some seeds in my above ground garden.
The cold weather seeds I planted are peas, raddish, and spinich. Hope they work.
Going to the hot springs in Downey Idaho this weekend with 6 couples, From the Golden Spike Bikers Club. They are haveing a special $30 to swim in the hot pools, followed by a steak dinner by candel light. Rather than drive back home late, we will be staying with hte couple that live in Malad ID. 30 min. from the hot springs. Should be a lot of fun. All fun people to be with.

Monday, March 9, 2009

And winter in Utah continues

All the snow had melted and signs of spring were peeking up from the ground
in the form of Poppys, tulips, daffodils, and a few blades of green grass amoung the dead yellowish lawns.

The turtles in the pond had come out to sun themselves on the rocks around the pond.

There were even a few robbins which always means Spring can't be too far off.

Then I awoke to The White fluffy stuff again this morning...... mabe a two or three inches, then it continued, and got thicker and deeper, at 2:00 PM it was up to 13 inches and still snowing HARD and HEAVY!
So winter in Utah will continue for a while longer.

We have had our Grand Bird (Blue and Gold McCaw) Buddy staying with us while His family refinnish their hardwood floors . He is such a sweat heart if he likes you, and I think he likes me a lot. He can suer be s cuddle bug In the evenings, when I take time to sit and watch TV. He will lay his head on my chest, and let me rub his head, he really likes that. Then he makes little purring like noises.